MOTOGP - Prepare a Special Helmet Rossi Create Simoncelli

Saturday, November 5, 2011 9:47 AM Diposkan oleh DAVID CUTE

VALENCIA - The MotoGP series this last there is something rather different in the show Valentino Rossi.
Valentino Rossi to miss Marco Simoncelli, who was regarded as his own sister. As a form of respect, Rossi will wear a special helmet for remembering Simoncelli on Valencia MotoGP race on Sunday tomorrow.

"Vale will wear a special helmet that is dedicated to Sic. We'll see it starting from next Saturday," the manager said Rossi, in a twitter account @ Davide_Brivio, as reported by the Crash, Friday (04/11/2011).

Rossi was quite familiar close to Simoncelli. As fellow citizens of Italy, Ducati's flagship racer Simoncelli attend the funeral which took place several weeks ago in Rimini, Italy.

"It's very difficult. I tried to hold together with Paolo (Simoncelli's father) and his family, which is my friend," said Rossi, who like Colin Edwards involved the fatal accident in Malaysia in a press conference in Valencia.

"The feeling at the funeral in Italy is quite remarkable and is a wonderful day for Simoncelli. Therefore, many people who attended his funeral. It shows a lot of people who liked it," said Rossi.

"In bad moments like this, many people who would like to say 'ciao' to Marco. A pleasure to be in Valencia. This is indeed a strange feeling, but I think the best way to remember Marco," he said.

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