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Persijap Jepara team will remain in effect following the official competition PSSI, namely Indonesia Competition Premier League (IPL). That attitude will be reinforced in a meeting with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of all clubs with PSSI, Wednesday, yesterday.

"Persijap Jepara to competition official and recognized PSSI and soccer authority FIFA even Asia. It became a realistic option and is very reasonable," said CEO Adjie Darmana Persijap Jepara, yesterday.

He said the league would have rotated counter-discourse's lack of administrative completeness. "How can we be quiet in it (league match),"? he said.

Additionally Persijap Jepara will deliver the aspirations while attending the CEO Meeting to be held in Hotel Alila Jakarta Penongan it, especially about the division of shares of PSSI cooperation and sponsorship. Persijap want a composition of 80% for the club and the rest PSSI.

"This is the ideal composition. Voters PSSI is the largest stock in the club. On the other hand, shares of PSSI also need to rotate the wheel federation," said Adjie Darmana.

Problem bids PT Liga Indonesia, penyeenggaran league rival, who are ready to provide the stock share of 99% to club participants Indonesia Super League (ISL), is called unrealistic.

"Let's look in the mirror at the previous competition was held during PT Premier Indonesia, many clubs are materially harmed. For example, compensation for the live broadcast on television too often faltered in the withdrawal," he said.

Persijap Jepara PSSI also asked to immediately revise the schedule of matches. Therefore, the schedule that has been circulating for this are not final because there is confusion about time. Chairman Panpel Persijap Jepara Sujarot said Persijap Jepara will propose revisions to the schedule related to the implementation of Jepara election on January 29, 2012.

From the results of coordination with the General Elections Commission (KPU) Jepara, 17 days before the vote and 10 days thereafter, Jepara must be sterile from a variety of common activities that involve the masses.
That means starting January 12 through February 8, 2012, Persijap Jepara is not allowed to hold a home game.

source: Persijap Jepara

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