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Coach Persijap Jepara, Agus Yuwono, did not question the results while undergoing a trial match against Newcastle at the Stadium of Sultan Agung, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Wednesday (4 / 11).

"Losing is not a problem and that the importance of testing done, especially when the team composition is not ideal," said Agus Yuwono when contacted by reporters, Tuesday (01/11).

According to him, even with the defeat in the test match the team will get a lesson. "The defeat of the test match will be better than in an official match," he said.

Persijap Jepara prepared appearing on a football competition level that does not yet have an ideal composition of players, especially on the front lines that have only two players namely Noorhadi and Julio Lopez.

But players from Chile (Julio Lopez) is not taken to Yogyakarta because it is still recovering injury before joining the team nicknamed the Warriors Kalinyamat.

The plan up front, would Noorhadi paired with players who are still undergoing selection, Agus Salim (former assailants PersitaTangerang).

He admitted, he was not familiar with the character of Salim as a relevant new joined the team on Friday (28/10) and started training on Monday (31/10).

"We really need a striker, at least two people but that does not mean the origin of dirty. Hopefully Agus Salim in accordance with the needs of the team," said the former coach of the Dafonsoro Persidafon.

After the match against PersibaBantul trial will proceed with the trial against PSIM Yogyakarta on Friday (4 / 11), then proceed to entertain Persiraja Banda Aceh in Jepara.

Persiba Bantul along with Mitra Kukar, Persiraja Banda Aceh, and Persidafon Dafonsoro is a four-team promotion to the top level of football competition.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Persijap Jepara, Edy Sudjatmiko said the decision to retain players from Julio Lopez Chile because it provides assurance can quickly recover from injuries and underwent training with other players.

"He (Lopez Juloi) warrants to recover about two weeks or before the competition effect. If not, the player was willing to restore their rights that have been accepted," he said.

source: Persijap


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