Persiwa Wamena - still playing in the ISL

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 3:24 PM Diposkan oleh DAVID CUTE

Persiwa Wamena, reportedly will reverse the direction of the competition Indonesian Premier League (IPL), Persiwa Wamena through assistant manager Agus Santoso denied.

24 clubs are registered as participants split IPL. One faction, nicknamed Kubu 14 because it consists of about 14 clubs, refused to participate in the league held by PT. Prima Liga Indonesia Sportindo (LPIS) and want to participate in the Indonesian Super League (ISL) is managed by PT. Liga Indonesia (LI). Another faction, nicknamed Kubu 10, still participate in the IPL.

"We've committed to, say, K-14 was due to move in the lane by the rules. Persiwa also still recognizes PT LI as a league manager named Indonesian Super League (ISL)," said Agus told INILAH.COM.

"Because it (PTLI and ISL) is the supreme decision of the organization (PSSI) taken through the congress. Although the new management now, does not mean all things old board must be removed. If you want to change any place, namely dikongres through the forum with all the clubs. Putusin not playing yourself, "he continued.

One of the booster club's camp claimed 10 Persiwa is changing direction and will participate in the IPL, which entered a period of approximately one-month break after only carry out one game.

"That's not true. We remain committed to K-14 because we follow the existing rules," he said.

Agus also said, in terms of legality and experience, PT LI is more feasible to manage the league compared to PT because PT LI LPIS has obtained a license from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) while PT LPIS yet.

"I was not ready so LPIS league operators, the people nor appointed an experienced person taking care of football competition," said Agus.

"Schedule shambles, the competition is not clear, and leagues such as the origin of dirty manual without knowing where the source, without any adjustment to the shape of competition homeland. IBHS distributed when manaeger meeting yesterday (October 13) in the form of English. If you do not speak English, how long it takes to learn the manual right? "He added.

Agus deplores the decision of the new PSSI as if throwing all the work of the old board, including the system of competition that judged good enough and well established. Hence, Agus assess the current caretaker even far worse than the last board, which attracted plenty of critics.

"Not all relics of the old caretaker bad, do not grudge it cuman problem lah. He said would advance the football together. This arguably worse than the regime Nurdin Halid, "he said.

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