PERSIB - Pre-season tournament triangle

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 2:36 PM Diposkan oleh DAVID CUTE

Pre-season tournament triangle that became a substitute for Inter Island Cup tournament in 2011 which was rejected by PersibBandung will be held mid-November will likely be held in Bantul, which became the home based team Persiba Bantul.

The tournament will be followed by three teams, namely Persib Bandung, Jakarta Persija and Persiba Bantul.
Bantul chosen to host the triangular tournament is due to anticipate things that are not desirable bentroknya between supporters and Persija PersibBandung, so Bantul a neutral place.

In previous Persib Bandung will host the tournament, because the PersibBandung who invited both teams to follow this triangular tournament.
Certainty convening the tournament, after receiving confirmation of the readiness of the team Persija and Persiba Bantul.

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