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Persijap Jepara satisfied with the outcome of discussions involving the chief executive (CEO) club in Jakarta, last Wednesday, the division of shares related to the club and PSSI. The club has a much larger share than the PSSI, although the percentage figures have not been agreed.

''We're relieved, because the minimum limit of the stake for the club has been agreed and it was very pro club,''said the CEO of PT Jepara Kingdom Adjie Darmana, yesterday.

As discussed, the club agreed to share in the range of 90-99 percent, 10-10 percent while for the PSSI. From the minimum and maximum limits, it has been seen more clubs dominate the ownership of shares.

Figures''certainly, will be discussed again. If PSSI gets 10 percent, then the club gets 90 percent. If PSSI one percent, meaning 99 percent of the club,''explained Adjie.

Adjie said the stock was discussion meeting attended by CEO of PT Indonesia Prima Liga Sportindi (LPIS) and Exco PSSI Sihar Sitorus. The division of shares is valid for club participants Indonesia Premier League (IPL) and First Division. During the meeting, a new representation of the IPL clubs in attendance.

Adjie explains, technically ahead, PT LPIS as the organizer of the competition will perform a contract of cooperation with all the sponsors who entered. Aka The results are given a new PT that will be formed.

''The new PT that will come into contact with the club and PSSI in the distribution of shares. So PT LPIS only contracting, execution and sharing special shares to the club and PSSI will be handed over to a new PT that will soon be formed,''explained Adjie.


In the near future will be held a general meeting of shareholders for the new PT. During the meeting, PSSI also presented a letter from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights related to the stewardship of PSSI stock before the era of Djohar Arifin Husin.
''In the letter referred to 99 percent of shares owned by PSSI, and one percent owned by the Foundation When I Am Sixty Four,''explained Adjie businessman who is also the origin of Jepara furniture.

In the meeting between the CEO club facilitated the PSSI and PT LPIS, Persijap proposed a number of proposals, among them about the competition schedule that is expected to be resolved.
Special to the interests of Persijap Jepara, he hopes PSSI accommodate adjustments in the schedule of home games Gelora Kartini Earth during January and early February 2012 because it is the upcoming elections in Jepara. Voting takes place January 29, 2012.

''All the home games, we propose to be shifted into a home game during the crucial stages of the election,''he said.

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