PERSIJAP - Test match - Persijap Jepara 1-0 PSIM Yogyakarta

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 1:50 PM Diposkan oleh DAVID CUTE
Faced with opponents who have a higher level did not make the retainer PSIM Yogyakarta flinch in the face Persijap Jepara test match held at Mandala Krida Stadium, Friday (11/04/2011).
It was seen of the game the players that the Blue persisted Parang, even several times a troublesome Kalinyamat Warriors defense.

Recorded a number of scoring opportunities available PSIM Yogyakarta.
Unfortunately, some of these opportunities have not been successfully exploited the players who filled in front of the PSIM Yogyakarta Elthon Maran and John Sosomar.

Persijap Jepara only occasional counter-attack, but the defense has always foundered by the fronted Eco Warriors Purjianto Mataram. Until halftime, the score remained 0-0.

goals Banaken

Defender Persijap Jepara, Banaken Bossoken, bring Laskar Kalinyamat subvert resistance PSIM Yogyakarta.
Heading bloody African players in 89 minutes nesting success in the upper left corner of goal keeper guarded PSIM Yogyakarta Apriyanto.

0-1 advantage lasted until the final whistle sounded the match court.
This victory was at least a consolation for Persijap Jepara that two days earlier Persiba Bantul humiliated by a landslide score of 6-0.

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