PersipuraJayapura - Affirm Not Participate IPL Competition

Tuesday, November 8, 2011 3:07 PM Diposkan oleh DAVID CUTE

In accordance with the results of the visit as envoy PSSI Mukadar Saleh (director of competition) that closed-door meeting with board members PersipuraJayapura in Jayapura,

also at the same time in this visit to provide information to meet the intent and purpose PersipuraJayapura board, PSSI PersipuraJayapura hoping to join together with the IPL competition, but with strict and complete confidence via the new chairman PersipuraJayapura Mr. Benhur Tommy Mano, said that our team will not participate PersipuraJayapura confirm IPL competition before PSSI will accept the terms that we asked earlier.

And later on PersipuraJayapura will receive sanctions from PSSI or not, according to Mr Tommy mano that our stance is clear, that PersipuraJayapura will not participate before there is clarity about the 24 teams that participated the competition and why that rule is not complied with the statutes of congress Bali, Mr Tommy Mano confirmed that If PersipuraJayapura not participate as expected PSSI competition today,
because we are not in line with that rule, so do not threaten PersipuraJayapura, because we are not a cheap club that can be influenced to follow the desires of PSSI that we play in the competition that has not been clear legality, Tommy said Mano.

And there is little that had insinuated by the Chairman Mr. Tommy PersipuraJayapura Mano, he said that impressed funny today, why PSSI must come to lobby us as a club to play dikompetisi is being designed PSSI, PersipuraJayapura should not be invited to Jakarta as a habit and obligations of the club under the auspices of PSSI, PSSI is contrary to Jayapura who send envoy to meet PersipuraJayapura,
should PSSI who called us there, and why until now PSSI does not provide an answer to our previous letter we have cast into the PSSI, to be honest we were very disappointed, "said Tommy Mano".

We hope that delegates PSSI now go home and answer our letter, insisting that if PSSI teams to participate kompetsisi ISL ISL, we ask that all team's deliberations were collected and we are together, do not take the policy arbitrarily, and not just certain clubs such as PersipuraJayapura and Srivijaya or Persiwa and Persidafon are urged to join, it helps us get together and talk together, "hope Tommy Mano".

PersipuraJayapura refusal to join the IPL is clearly due to the attitude of PSSI that arbitrarily decided to play 24 teams including the appointment he said 6 free promo team, and also the determination that said 70% shares owned by Chairman and 30% owned by vice-chairman, on the basis that this is strictly a team PersipuraJayapura refused to join the IPL and the competition is to confront all of the results announcement PSSI has been claiming that PersipuraJayapura IPL will take part in the competition under the auspices of the flag of PT Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo (LPIS), right PersipuraJayapura already signed up, but there are other conditions that should be filled in line with expectations PersipuraJayapura PSSI, so that progress could be better football again in the future.

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