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"This is my biggest defeat," said Agus Yuwono, Persijap coach. How not made by his team's goal in the flush 6 goals without reply by the host Persiba Bantul.
Although previously not concerned about the final outcome, but this is a bad record extending Agus Yuwono caliber coach. Throughout this year 2011, he chalked Hattrick against PersibaBantul defeat if (ti-phone League defeats 2 + results this afternoon).

The star.
While Emmanuel 'El Toro' Cristori 'actually be a star in a test match at Stadium Sultan Agung, Wednesday (2 / 11). Heading deadly striker who has it, able to score 3 goals or Hattrick against Persijap Jepara who escorted Goalkeeper Wihatmoko Danang and M Yasir. Had dibabak barren first, second six Emmanuel appeared malignant.
2 times the goal through a header plus a goal from the spot, is not wrong if M Basri always put El Toro as an interpreter knocked on the main army of Sultan Agung.

Ugiek for the first-half goals
The absence of Captain Revelation Wijiastanto, make Ahmad Taufik center back position with Eduardo Bizarro. The rest, nothing changed from the line-up mainstay M Basri. PersibaBantul midfield looked more dominant than the visitors who led the player number 10, Jose Sebastian and Nurul Huda. Although there are at least three golden opportunities, but only Ugiek single goal in minute 16, after receiving feedback from Ezequiel, becomes coverings dibabak score first.

Agony Danang, cheerful Cristori
After Busari scored quickly in the second round of the free kick, the weakness of the back line Persijap Jepara Banaken Bassoken coordinated, more subtle. Proven created 3 goals in just 5 minutes. Emmanuel Cristori change the score to 3-0 in 61 minutes, the lapse of 2 minutes, Cornelis Kaimu increase the advantage to 4-0. 2 next, back Cristori make Danang goalkeeper picked up the ball from the net for the fifth time.
Persiba Bantul itself also includes new energy through, Kim Yong Han, Patrick Domal, as well as the Boy give some idea of Jati ​​Asmara. But only one goal from a penalty kick Cristori created, ahead of the game was over. Until the referee blew the long whistle, Persiba Bantul won a landslide victory 6-0.

M Basri praised front line
6 goals this afternoon, making the M Basri satisfied with the performance front retainer. "6 goal striker duo whoever shows us more and more sharp and compact," said M Basri who did not forget to praise the old players. Management asked him to be able to come to such a strong team and Persema Arema, so that his troops mentally stronger. Problem Kim Yong Han, M Basri saw players from Korea is just less hours playing it. "The issue of technique and skill is good, but because the old did not play, would have to be sharpened often," he said.


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