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This is the BED (Divan) MINIMALIST carving BANANA LEAF FORM.
What you See in Picture is Original engravings on teak wood board (BED (Divan) MINIMALIST carving BANANA LEAF FORM).

  Although it looks really difficult and complicated to make, but for ME it's easy, because I am already an expert at carving carving.

  Not his arrogant anyway, but if I make it quite simply a six-hour course is finished carving like the one in the picture above,
  Another machine that makes its use, may be one hour is finished.
But in the art of carving NOT use the machine at all. Because the art of carving only by hand and carving tools only, so figure above the original carving and hand-made rather than machine-made.

One more thing I want to clear it,
The image above is only an example of some of my carvings.
and the picture still looked pure and original, because it has not been in the paint or finishing.
when it's in the paint or finishing, its price will be five times its original price.
woww ... really tantalizing ya.???
Do you want to explore business in the area of ​​this furniture.?
Or maybe you are just interested in buying it ...
Please Contact me.!!!
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For other pictures CLICK HERE.!!!

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