AREMA INDONESIA - Esteban Still Loyal

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Loyalty of the Uruguay midfielder Esteban Guillen to Arema still high. The proof, he is still practicing with Arema although its status is unclear.
In fact, the practice field yesterday Tunjungsekar, Esteban very seriously eat all program coaches. Because, he wants to return next season to wear a costume Arema.

Esteban Guillen 

Having completed all the training agenda, Esteban expressed his confusion about his fate unclear in Arema this season. "I myself do not know (how in Arema). I am still waiting (negotiation management) Arema, "said Esteban told Radar Malang (Java Post Group / JPNN) yesterday morning (19 / 9).
In fact, after waiting for negotiation with Arema, 31-year-old player said it is not providing answers to the management proposal Persisam Samarinda. In fact, Esteban has been met with management Persisam some time ago in Jakarta.
As known, the previous management brought Esteban Persisam industrious to Samarinda. Moreover, in Samarinda there is a close friend Esteban, namely Ronald Fagundez. "No (answer to Persisam)," said the player who had a career in the PSMS Medan.
As a reminder, last season's duet with Bustomi Ahmad is one of the duo's best midfielders in the country. Bustomi are typically more likely to survive and clever game play is very fitting rhythm duet with Esteban who has the ability to send feeds to mature and execute it dead balls.
Last season Esteban Arema 20 games, 19 times of which became the starter. During the 1558 minutes of playing with Aji Saka et al, Esteban twice received a yellow card penalty and contributed two goals for Arema.

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