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Persijap Jepara opportunities to employ this season, Julio Lopez increasingly smaller. That's after a medical examination in Hyderabad sentenced Chilean striker had to rest for six weeks starting from Monday (24/10) ago. Warriors coach Agus Yuwono Kalinyamat "lift hand" related condition that familiarly called player J-Lo's.

The team physician stated Persijap Nurkukuh examination magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which reached him yesterday proved true on bone knee condition beyond the J-Lo.

"He (Lopez) have to break a total of six weeks. That's for the early stages of recovery. The next stage still need strengthening again in order to really get to play normal football, "said Nurkukuh on Earth Kartini Stadium, yesterday afternoon.

Nurkukuh describe the condition of the bone near the knee joint J-Lo shrink, because of injuries acquired before coming to Earth Kartini surge. The medical side asks J-Lo for not practicing football, including running. During injury, the player is running on the sidelines.

Management has not take a stand on J-Lo, but yesterday afternoon Deputy Secretary Tim Persijap Nurjamil declare a new striker will be brought again. There is now Abson Ikomenga Congo striker, but this afternoon its plan Chilean striker Luis Pena will arrive in Jepara to see its capabilities.

In the 2010 season, Luis Pena strengthen Gresik United. She has also costumed Persib Bandung and PSM Makassar.

Face PSCs

Yesterday, two local players also apply. Both are Ibn Suhanda, a former striker Persikab Regency Bandung and Jakarta Persipasi former quarterback, Tamsil. They've followed the game yesterday afternoon.

J-Lo related injuries, Agus Yuwono states need assurance from the management as soon as possible. "Let alone to rest six weeks, for now we just need to have certainty. The team is already practicing the organization of the game, all players involved. So we need a player who could be ready to join in full training, "said Agus, yesterday.

Persijap team will host an official test match for the second time with a host PSCs Cilacap on Friday at the Stadium the day after Earth Kartini. First test match was held two weeks ago against the PSIR Apex. Agus said the game was to test the performance of the organization team game that has been simmering in recent weeks. "Our team is not yet complete, but we want to see the development of an existing team," he said.


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