First Opponent Deltras Persijap

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First Opponent Deltras Persijap

Persijap fixtures in Jepara Indonesia Competition Premier League (IPL) is almost certainly changing.
If the preliminary draft will host the inaugural match Persijap PSM Makassar, then the corresponding design of a new schedule yesterday his opponent into Deltras Sidoarjo. When the game has not changed, ie November 26.

It was raised Secretary Tim Persijap Arif Darmawan when contacted yesterday.

Joint General Manager of Persijap Edy Sujatmiko, he still follows a meeting yesterday with PSSI in Ambhara Hotel, Jakarta.

"It's still a draft, but did nothing has changed. We will host Deltras in the inaugural match. More details schedule has not been discussed, "said Arif.

The meeting is still much to discuss ownership of shares in PT Indonesia Prima Liga Sportindo who will manage the competition.

Meanwhile, yesterday's coach Agus Yuwono accompany his team in match against Persijap coached U-21 plus in Gelora Earth Kartini had received word change in the schedule for the opening match.

"For us, its standards at the time and place of the game that still remain. Matter who the opponent is not a problem, "he said.


Even so, he felt the direct impact of the dynamics in the body PSSI involving clubs in two-day meeting at Hotel Ambhara it.

"Until now, there has been no verification of players, both players expatriate and local players," he said.

For him, this condition is still serbakurang uncertain. "Never mind the verification, all the clubs were not registered players. If the register is sent to any institution. This is a matter to whom, "he continued.

Even so his team still trying to prepare well because it refers to the schedule, one and a half months the team will compete. He still will complement the shortage of players in some positions.

In a practice match yesterday, his team won 4-0 over Persijap U-21 plus. Applicants players scored two goals, Kim Young-hoo, and two more donated Bayu Andra and Julio Lopez.

Agus said Kim was given the opportunity to increase the time of selection. "At first glance quite good, but there are some things that we need sharpening again," said Agus. "Train the duel is simply refreshing for the players," he said.

source: Persijap

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