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Bandung - Semen Padang draw against Persib Bandung 1-1. In the game, Persib played with 10 men after Thanksgiving Zulkifli red-carded.

In the match that took place at the Stadium The starling Harupat, Saturday (10/15/2011) afternoon local time, Persib had a chance at minute 11. Unfortunately for Persib, a free-kick sideways Miljan Radovic still thin on the side of the goal Samsidar.

Semen Padang turns attacking. At minute 23, stabbed David Suheri alone from the right side of Persib's defense, then release the operand to the front of goal Arsenal. This attempt failed after the ball operannya discarded by Persib defender.

The attack of the wing is also shown by a Junior Wilson seven minutes later. However, this time cross-feed can still be cut by Abanda Herman.

One more attempt Semen Padang again failed in 33 minutes. This time through Elie Aiboy. His free-kick made it through the posse, but it leads right into the catchment Yandri Pitoy.

In the final minutes of the first half, grabbed the ball gag Esteban Vizcara Pitoy halauan results. Kick towards the empty goal and then be driven by Zulkifli Thanksgiving, and ultimately failed attempt Semen Padang again.

Maizar nil then insert Ferdinand Sinaga in the second round to add the option attack Semen Padang. However, this is not the change the game.

At minute 69, Zulkifli Gratitude apparent elbowing Esteban Vizcarra. As a result he was getting a second yellow card and must leave the field. Persib played with 10 men.

In that state, enter the Nile Maizar Mustopa Aji. It was from him and then took advantage of Semen Padang. Starting from a counterattack, the ball is given to Aji who are on the right side. Having dribbled into the inward, he then kicks off towards the far post. Persib goalkeeper was vibrating in 72 minutes, 1-0 to Semen Padang.

The position was then only lasted for four minutes. Slamet Restu referee then gave a penalty to Persib after Radovic claims dropped by Tommy Rifka. However, from the rebroadcast, look no contact at all between the two players.

Radovic himself who advanced into the penalty executor, doing a good job. Leads to a corner kick on goal and score Samsidar changed to 1-1.

Until the end of the game, the score remained 1-1.


Arsenal: Yandri Pitoy, Zulkifli Gratitude, Wildansyah, Maman Abdurrahman, Abanda Herman, Hariono, Tony Sucipto, Atep, Miljan Radovic, M Ilham, Zdravko Dragicevic.

Semen Padang: Samsidar, Hengki Ardiles, David Pagbe, Saepuloh, Tommy Rifka, Yu Hyun Koo, Fendry Mofu, Elie Aiboy, Esteban Vizcarra, Junior Wilson (Ferdinand Sinaga), Suheri David (Mustopa Aji).

source: detiksport


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