Persib Defender Bring Immediate Origin Australia

Sunday, October 16, 2011 3:16 AM Diposkan oleh DAVID CUTE

Less satisfied with the results achieved by his team while undergoing Premier League opening match against Indonesia Semen Padang at the Stadium this afternoon 15/10/2011 The starling Harupat Soreang Bandung regency, making Persib manager H. Umuh Muhtar will soon realize the demand for a coach to bring in additional players for the rear position.
BOTN encountered after the game, Umuh admitted Persib coach Drago Mamic desire to bring back players from Asia that quality is a matter of urgency and must be immediately realized.
when asked who the players who will be recruited Persib's, Umuh not mention names, just to inform you that the players are from Australia. "To his name remains secret, it later when it's for sure, but he was from Australia," said Umuh.
as reported earlier, Persib coach Drago Mamic admitted having received biodata 10 players from Asia who all plays as a defender. However Mamic only interested in three players, they come from Iran, South Korea and Australia.
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