Chronology of "Chaotic" in Persija

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JakOnline - Here Chronologically PT who has been there at Persija, ranging from the PT. Persija Jaya, PT. Persija Jaya, and PT. Persija Jaya Jakarta

PT Persija Jaya was formed to meet the membership requirements at ISL 2008-2009 Persija
PT Persija Jaya owned by 7 people (DS, MN, PG, BE, BC, SS and ZU) with the promise that later klub2 amateur shares will be divided so that the Chairman of the Persija TTmemberikan mandate to become Administrator Persija in ISL 2008-2009
PT Persija Jaya experiencing hard times due to "outlaw parties" in Solo, Malang and Jepara throughout the season 2008-2009.

PT Persija Jaya then look for new investors, and the Edy's name appeared Joenardi
The majority of amateur clubs Persija not agree with Edy Joenardi, Government of DKI "objections" to the Chairman of Persija TT officially rejected the plan into Persija Joenardi Edy. Then TT revoke the mandate of PT Persija Jaya Jaya and PT Persija vacuum.

Entering the 2009-2010 season Persija actually has no legal entity at the time of enrollment, however, get concessions from PSSI and BLI. Only in the mid-season, formed PT Persija. However, the formation of PT is not smooth due to the government of Jakarta objected to the composition of share ownership and management. While TT did not go get approval from KSAL to shake sebaga Persija Commissioner of PT. (One thing is due to TT complained of acts of corruption by the BC, then this is not proven). PT Persija then does not get endorsement from Menkumham.

Towards the 2010-2011 season formed PT Persija Jaya Jakarta (Benny Erwin as President Director) and got a mandate from the TT as administrator Persija 2010-2011 season.
On July 30, 2011 Persija Rua held at the Hotel Grand Cempaka and produce Ferry Paul as the new Chairman
Dated August 9, 2011 PT Persija Jaya Jakarta held a General Meeting of holders of Shares Outstanding and produce a new management structure that is: Saifullah (Central Jakarta Mayor) and the FP as a Director.

Management Structure of PT Persija Jaya:

Commissioner: Djajat Sudrajat (deceased)

Commissioner: M. Nigara

Commissioner: Pintor Gurning

Director: Benny Erwin

Director: Bambang Sutjipto

Director: Soni Sumarsono

Director: Zulfikar Main

7 The name of the above as well as a shareholder of PT Persija Jaya.
Crucial Issues:

1. Since the beginning (in 2008) M. Nigara never stated approval of the Commissioner or a shareholder but suddenly his name was listed in the Deed of establishment of PT.

2. In Formal Legal, PT Persija Jaya owned by the seven names on it. (NOT OWNED klub2 amateur Liverpool)

3. PT Persija Jaya in 2009 is almost sold the shares and management rights to Edi Joenardi Persija, without the knowledge of current Chairman Persija itudan approval klub2 amateur Persija (This makes the Chairman Tobias then revoke the mandate Toni Persija management of PT Persija Jaya). Fortunately this did not happen because eventually discovered who was actually Edy Joenardi. Since then PT Persija Jaya vacuum.

4. In August 2011, Bambang Sutjipto register PT Persija Jaya to follow the PSSI Verification (Bambang Sutjipto admitted as President Director of PT Persija Jaya), Documents to be submitted only the Establishment Deed of PT and PT Legalization of Menkumham. Hence the value of their verification only 11.

5. Benny Erwin felt that he as President Director of PT Persija Jaya was not informed by Bambang Sutjipto that PT Persija Jaya will sign up to the PSSI.

6. After various political maneuvers that do fail, then it tiba2 PT Persija Jaya change the order of the Board of Directors, Pintor Gurning was appointed Managing Director and it is directly administered before PSSI Exco meeting last Friday that Exco Meeting decisions PSSI Persija Jaya decided PT as administrator Persija in Competition following reasons as reported in the media.

source: Jakmania

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