PERSIBA - Kim Yong Han Selection Players Participate Asia Persibabantul

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PERSIBA - The certainty of 18 billion funding agreement with LPI, how to create a Management Ready to bring in foreign players from Asia. This is confirmed by the President Director of PT Direct BIG, Idham Samawi. "No problem using four foreign players, if you will Can we bring immediately," said the former regent. WHEN asked, however, the Foreign Players who targeted, fully devolved Idham ON Bwt And Management team coach. From 3 Name Players in Asia The mass media reported on earlier, James Younghusband More Bwt in the Philippines, were cheap Kenji Matsunaga Shoei, Bwt View events. Deputy manager of Operations, Great Edi Nur Wijaya, claimed not to give Players can kill. "Yes We wait for next week-week, NOW Focus Players completed the formal contract process," he added. If there is no transverse Aral, Mungkin Tuesday (13/10) 20 Players Who Have official will sign the contract agreement.
Contacted separately, Secretary of the Newcastle team, Wikan Werdho Kisworo, saying, It is hard to bring in foreign legions in Asia From TO to face Roma on Sunday (16/10). "If it could be brought in, not necessarily the Physical Condition of Players could fit the other Newcastle players like. Mungkin WHEN breaks new competition next month we bring," Light of the original man Jetis Bantul ITU.

Paserbumi acquired the allocation of 10% Shares
One of the AGM in Jakarta, Monday (10/10) is a division Regarding Shares of PT Bandung Indonesia Golsport (BIG) latest. Of the 60% Shares owned Persiba Bantul, 50% shares owned by management, Paserbumi 10%. But unfortunately, In, 3 Year fore, Match-making Meeting, PT BIG will not distribute profits (dividends) To the members. The advantage is obtained, used TO Will Preparation team next season. Hanung Raharjo, when confirmed as the village chief Paserbumi Web Admin, Just say, Of 10% Stake Paserbumi, funds already obtained grants from the Consortium. BECAUSE Charities Paserbumi is, of course not allowed to own shares (which is 10%). FOR THAT, in the future shall be a Business Entity, such as cooperatives or CV, agar-agar can take advantage of shared stocks defined.

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