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 Manager Meeting 14/10/11 We had originally scheduled agenda for 2011-2012 season turned into an agenda request clubs to listen to the accountability reports of PT. Liga Indonesia as an organizer of the league season 2010-2011.

ISL clubs last season asking participants to bring Djoko Driyono PSSI as a Director of PT. Liga Indonesia to provide accountability reports competitions last season. This was rejected by Farid Rachman, vice chairman of PSSI. Farid thinks PSSI has attempted to contact Djoko Driyono but there was never any response
But club members continue to ask for contact PSSI Driyono Djoko, and finally Driyono Djoko was contacted, not long ago Djoko Driyono present at the site. Djoko Driyono clearly explained that PT. Liga Indonesia is ready to host the league season 2011-2012, Djoko further competition schedule has been prepared well for the 18 participants and 24 participants.
This debate could get a lot of clubs in manager meetings, which ultimately makes the manager is not meeting one vote, in which the manager of Club 14 meeting asking PSSI PSSI congress continue to implement the mandate in Bali where the outcome of the congress is running the competition with 18 team, and PT. Liga Indonesia as an organizer of the league. 10 other clubs still continue with the original plan in IPL
Further 14 clubs to explain the appointment of PT. Sportindo Prima Liga as an agency of the league organizers are not in accordance with the mandate of Congress, not to mention the shares of PT. Prima league where 70% owned Djohar Arifin, and 30% dimilikiFarid Rachman, from which the story of a league organizer agency owned by the chairman and vice chairman of the Federation.
PT. The newly established League Prima PSSI few weeks ago to manage the league had not yet got a license to manage the competition of the AFC, it is also strengthening the 14 clubs to keep sticking to the congress in Bali.
After the meeting manager to complete, from initial 14 clubs that states still compete in the ISL, which is expressed by an official with the signatures to 12 clubs, two clubs still verbal. Persija itself under the leadership of Paul Ferry is also likely to be close to the 14 Club is, therefore according to the participants of the competition last season, where the PT. Persija Jaya Jakarta is the administrator of Persija 2010-2011 season
As of this writing was revealed, the game today, between Arsenal vs Semen Padang which took place at Stadium The starling Harupat Bandung as the opening match of the competition, its status remains unclear, whether official action or only limited testing. There are still many issues that have not been finished as a player - a player who revealed himself yet registered, it is unclear KITAS letter, and its ITC.
Hopefully all forms of problems that exist in Indonesia could soon be resolved Football denhan good, especially the immediate problem-solving competition for Indonesian football better.

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