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JakOnline - Decision PSSI in the executive committee meeting which appointed PT. Persija Jaya as administrator Persija 2011-2012 season is regarded as a decision ridiculous and
unreasonable. Supporter Persija back peaceful protest to protest the decision PSSI is the second time, after the previous Action Community dlakukan friends Monday, October 3, 2011.

Greater action conducted Friday, October 7, 2011, this time directly on the instructions of the Chairman of The Father Rico Jakmania.Setelah all mass gatherings in the region Jakmania The Masjid Al-Bina 14:30 PSSI began moving into the office.

Mass amounted to approximately 500an carrying banners and-flayer flayer demands to the PSSI. "Owned Persija Jakarta, Not Owned Jenggala", "Only God can stop Persija Us" "Reject PSSI Ridiculous Decision," "Do Not Disturb Persija We", "Djohar Arifin from Jenggala Beautiful Doll" and many more.

Representatives of mass turns to his oration. Rico's father in his speech said, "PSSI should immediately review its decision regarding the appointment of PT. Persija Jaya As Administrator Persija 2011-2012 season ". Furthermore, Rico's father said the league will not work when there is no legitimate Persija who competed in the competition. "NO Persija NO LIGA", he said.

The claim also Jakmania in 2x24-hour ultimatum to the PSSI if the decision were not immediately in the fox, then we will come up with more mass.

At the same time the action of Peace The Jakmania, PT. Persija Jaya Jakarta to conduct official summons to PSSI's decision to change the appointment of PT. Persija Jaya, when the tempo 3x24jam this subpoena was ignored then we will do to bring this matter to court.

Viktor S representative internal club Persija, metros saying "We are the owner of Persija and 30 amateur clubs in the legitimate Persija have not Persija PT Persija Jaya", issued a further viktor statementnya PT. Persija Jaya was only used for business not to compete in the ISL. If ikita merger, we are breaking Rua, he concluded.

Representative players attended the subpoena Persija reporting to the PSSI, among others, Ismed Sofyan, Rahmad Affandi, Leo Saputra. On occasion, Ismed Sofyan said, "During my 11 years in Persija I do not know and never saw Hadi Basalamah in Persija. I never saw Hadi Basalamah in Persija, this year became chairman Paul Ferry Persija legitimate and the players admit that the general chairman Paul Ferry legitimate, "said Leo Saputra.

Rico's father who was also present in the delivery of summons to PSSI include commentary: The Jakmania was not the founder of Persija, but the Jakmania is part of a large family Persija. We do not see this as a dualism, but we see no keterkaitanya with people who want to have Persija LPI with a specific purpose, said Gusti Randa lawyer PT. Persija Jaya Jakarta.

source: Jakmania

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