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TEXAS - The U.S. rider Colin Edwards finally go to vote lethal collisions associated with the Italian Marco Simoncelli Simoncelli makes dead. In the old Facebook, Edwards, who went home to his village in Texas wrote a number of messages.
"Thanks to all for their support in a situation like this: (. Very sad to lose a friend in any situation," Edwards said.
Deadly collision between Simoncelli, Edwards and Rossi occurred in the second lap in Sepang MotoGP on Sunday afternoon. When around the corner 11, the motor can not be controlled Simoncelli, he swayed to the right, just as Edwards and Rossi was speeding. As a result, the body fell from the saddle Simoncelli. He squashed Edwards and Rossi. His helmet was off. Medical records show Simoncelli badly wounded in the head, neck, and chest. He died 45 minutes after the deadly collision.
Edwards said he was mentally fine. But he admitted the collision last Sunday was a tragic incident. "Physically, in addition to the shoulder and ligament injuries, cracks in the chest, I'll check again this Wednesday X-rays," he said.
"I feel sad for the whole community MotoGP now. My heart was heavy, especially on all parties affected. And his family and fans. Good-bye friend (Simoncelli), you will always be remembered," said Edwards.
"Thanks to everyone for ur support at this time: (Very sad to see a friend pass in any case.'m Holding up ok Mentally, it was a very tragic accident: (Physically, besides a dislocated shoulder & ligaments INVOLVED, think Both wrists & left heel fractures have too, getting X-rays on Wednesday. I feel sad for the whole MotoGP community right now, my heart is heavy for everyone affected, from family to fans. God speed my friend, u Will be missed. "


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