PERSIJAP - Without Result Workshop, Persijap Waiting

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PERSIJAP - Workshops held at PSSI Ambhara Hotel on Thursday and Friday, not to give a bright spot related organization of the competition Indonesia Premier League (IPL). Manual league has not acquired the club, and club management discussion also without end.

Team Secretary Arif Darmawan Pesijap JEPARA stated the club back there in a position to wait for the development of the PSSI.

"Because there is no result in the workshop, then we in the club while this can only wait," said Arif who participated wokshop with General Manager Edy Sujatmiko Persijap Jepara.

Among wokshop agenda was to discuss the results of verification of the Asian Football Association (AFC) and the associated management of the club when it pioneered a professional. The two materials were not produced results. Hence on the second day, representatives Persijap Jepara in the forum it chooses to engage with the sponsor. Currently management is exploring cooperation with the sponsor of a beverage company, but no final decision.
In addition, said Arif, consolidated management also established a consortium with the donor Persijap Jepara.

"Currently there are still some shortcomings in the preparation of team-building-related clubs. Therefore, we coordinate with the consortium, "he said.

Not Yet Official

Among the issues that are unresolved at this time all the players who were recruited Persijap has not formally contracted. They had agreed in a statement.

"There has been no formal contract, because the budget is still waiting for the consortium. It is always communicated to the management of the players. But this process we hope will be addressed immediately, "says Arif.

The absence of a formal contract because until now PSSI manual has not been announced to the club league. Problems such fixtures, also not yet clear, although the first game rolling competition on Saturday (15/10) and in Bandung that brought Persib Bandung with Semen Padang.

Persijap coach Agus Yuwono said convening the inaugural match was not reduced saturation of the team that had long been waiting for certainty.

"Okay, there is the opening match, but we're still waiting for one and a half months to compete. Moreover, there is a mechanism that has not worked, such as player registration, including verification of foreign players, "said Agus.

In the midst of waiting, he was still trying to formulate a scalable training patterns, to ensure his team is in peak performance when competing on November 26 will entertain Deltras Sidoarjo.

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