PERSIJAP - J-LO can be removed, because of injury

Thursday, October 27, 2011 8:57 AM Diposkan oleh DAVID CUTE
PERSIJAP - Chilean striker Julio Lopez, who agreed to join the Persijap Jepara, have not been able to follow the normal practice since he set foot on Earth Gelora Kartini October 7. Thigh injury makes management and team coaches think Lopez could have been released in the near future if this does not fit.

"We started thinking about hiring Julio Lopez. We consider the matter of his injury, "said General Manager Persijap Edy Sujatmiko, recently. Edy stated Kalinyamat Warriors last season's team recruited players from Spain, Javier Peres. However, the player can only perform twice during the first round because of a hamstring injury before the competition begins. The difference, at that Javi has signed a contract, but at this time Lopez yet.

"We want to make sure to recruit players who are really ready to compete," said Edy.

Until yesterday Lopez was pulled over. He ran lightly around the field, while his colleagues in practice games and teamwork. Coach Persijap Jepara Agus Yuwono noted players who familiarly called J-Lo had not followed the normal training that it provides from October 7 until yesterday.

"We were actually scheduled to practice teamwork that can be followed by all players. But J-Lo can not and this problem for us, "said Agus, after his team train at Gelora Earth Kartini, yesterday.

Medical Tests

J-Lo reportedly been undergoing medical tests in Hyderabad recently, but the team coaches do not know for certain results. "We have to do the training stage and it is mandatory for all players. We also want to ensure the preparation of all players equally and ready to fight when the competition starts, "continued the coach was born in Malang.

In the midst of the condition of J-Lo like that, Persijap arrival yesterday afternoon of two players namely Jose Miguere applicants and Abson Komenga. Agus has not commented about Miguere, while Abson he called the applicant.

"We still need one foreign striker, and a local striker to replace Eka Santika a retreat," said Agus. Abson is the players from the Congo. Abson has joined the practice game yesterday afternoon.

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