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kloter minimalist couch is a bed that was made ​​of teak wood of choice.
handled by a skilled carpenter and an expert in the field of furniture.

after so minimalist couch, and then carved by artisans in carving our already expert.
we provide a minimalist couch in a raw state or not in finishing and in the paint.
all the latest models of a minimalist couch can be in a message to our furniture, with relatively low prices in the appeal in the market.
EXPORT quality assured.
please visit our showroom on the road TAHUNAN, BENDAN SARI, KM 4.5 JEPARA.

we are ready to serve your order.
please contact the hp number +628529075575

5 Response to "MINIMALIS KLOTER"

  1. MR.W Says:

    my first time look a kloter,it`s interesting!

  2. belle Says:

    nice pictures on your blog..also, visit my

  3. Vanken Says:

    what is kloter? i dont know what is it?

  4. Sam D. Says:

    is it like a foldable bed?

  5. Mala princeza Says:

    Best regards

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